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Supporting advances in dermatology

The LEO Foundation was created in 1984 to secure LEO Pharma a long-term basis for the company’s continued development as an independent, international and research-based pharmaceutical company. The LEO Foundation owns all the shares in LEO Pharma and is totally independent of heirs, outside shareholders or other interests.

The long-term owner perspective of the LEO Foundation is the reason why LEO Pharma – with skill, commitment and passion – has been able to evolve into a world leader in research, development and marketing of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of skin diseases. A company that today employs more than 5,000 people in over 60 countries in research, development, production and sales.

The LEO Foundation is unique among its peers as it maintains total independence of outside interests. No family members, external shareholders or others receive support or dividends.┬áThe Foundation can therefore concentrate fully on its core mission – the sole reason for the foundation’s existence – which is to operate and develop the company LEO Pharma.